The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Inside

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

           Intensive: advance treatment, unparalleled results

You are capable of much more than you are most likely aware. Why? The fundamental knowledge of this principle-based approach is leading edge. You are organically built for limitless well-being and success in every area of your life regardless the past or your current circumstance. Greater awareness of what you possess inside and how it works is the key to understanding and living your true potential for health, healing, performance and enjoyment in any area of your life simply and consistently.

Metaphor for an Intensive: One approach to learn a second language is a class which is typically 45 to 90 minutes once or a few times a week. While there is access to new levels of awareness and awareness deepens, struggles typically occur in acquisition, understanding and use of the language outside of the classroom. Another approach is immersion in a culture in which it is their primary language. Facility, understanding and best support in learning the new and unfamiliar language is more comprehensive and accelerates in an organic manner.

An Intensive is an immersion in treatment. The length of the daily session coupled with the brief duration of the psycho-education class yields high results. Discernment of key areas by the provider is expedited resulting in treatment accurately targeting, thus addressing fundamental sources of the symptoms. Experiencing new levels of understanding and health both mentally and physically accelerates and are sustainable.  The outcomes are the participants are better able to naturally understand and respond from resilience versus stress and resistance, conscious decision-making versus short term relief, full potential versus automatic habits and procrastination,  conscious self-regulation versus avoidance and less functional coping mechanisms as well as "hitting the bullseye when problem solving" or permanent resolve

This is a enduring and priceless investment in your mental, thus physical health, relationships, financial health, parenting, performance and more.  Clients who have participated in an Intensive have experienced a significant increase in mood stability, emotional buoyancy, communication, concentration, focus, clarity, energy and healing as well as increases in enjoyment and productivity at work, school and home. An individual or couple can choose to participate in an "Intensive" for  reasons including, yet not limited to trauma, a loss, depression, anxiety, a life transition such as job loss, preparing for medical treatment, to upgrade performance, prior to making a decision, or to upgrade living in healthier states of mind simply and consistently. It is 4 days, 4 hours per day with breaks  that make sense throughout the sessions. It concludes with 3 follow-up sessions: 2 - 90 minute, 1 - 75 minute. 

Perhaps prior to taking another retreat of some variation to "reset" from high stress level situations, the right thing to do is to invest in fundamentally understanding and living from knowledge: the resilience, clarity and well-being within in those external settings. This is achieved by scheduling and then participating in an Intensive. Call 978-973-2124 or email: today to complete best next steps to schedule and participate in an Intensive.

Tuition payment for cash or check is on the Web Store page. When paying by credit card, the credit card transaction fee is added to the total amount charged. With current clients, it is possible the tuition is reduced.