Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

An Intensive ~ successful accelerated treatment

An Intensive is an immersion in treatment.  In this format, you experiences leaps of understanding with using your mind proficiently, the epicenter of your emotions, decisions, learning, health, solutions, and performance. Rather than relying on techniques or circumstances to experience this, your clarity and understanding deepens that it originates on the inside regardless the circumstance. This is a powerful and priceless gift to give yourself, your marriage, your children, your family and your business. Clients who have participated in an Intensive have experienced substantially greater emotional stability, buoyancy and integrity unlike inpatient treatment or a 4 to 6 week day treatment program. The immersion of treatment could be a result of trauma, severe depression, preparing for invasive medical treatment, or prior to making a life altering decision. It is 4 hour sessions for 4 days with tailored breaks. It concludes with 3 follow-up sessions: 1 - 90 minute, 2 - 75 minute. 

Another way to view it is, there are two standard approaches to learning a second language such as Spanish or French. The first is taking a class in the second language which typically is 45, 60 or 90 minutes once, twice a week. The second is immersing in a culture in which it is their primary language. Facility and understanding of  the new and unfamiliar language accelerates and deepens through the immersion approach. This is a metaphor for an "Intensive" rather than the traditional approach to providing psychological services

Yet, a third way to view it is we take vacations to "reset" internally from the daily demands of life. This is a mental health retreat to understand, experience and live more simply, consistently and proficiently resilience, resolve and clarity whether in a particular facet of one's life or throughout one's life. They are essential psychological processes that you and I are capable of. With direct guidance of what they are and how to live them, our psychological, physical, financial and relationship well-being increases significantly and sustainably.

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